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A: A sigmoidoscopy views the lower third of your colon, up to 60 centimeters, and is performed in the office without sedation. A colonoscopy views the entire large intestine (colon). A colonoscopy is performed with sedation and requires monitoring of your breathing and blood pressure. Please see more detailed information under Procedures (links to flexible sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy).

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A: Yes, It is essential that you have an adult driver (18 or older) that remains with you during the procedure. You will be sedated and should not operate any machinery including an automobile. The effects of the sedation will affect your memory for a short time; therefore, the physician will speak with your driver about the results of your procedure and to explain any necessary follow-up. You do not need a driver if you are scheduled for a sigmoidoscopy. If you do not have a driver, you should discuss other options for transportation with your physician.

A: Patients should allow 1-1/2 to 2 hours from the time they arrive until they leave the facility. Each patient responds differently to the medications and this means that some patients may take slightly longer to recover.

A: No, Please take clear liquids for one day.

A: If you are feeling nauseated, try drinking the Peglec more slowly. Walking and other activities usually decrease nausea. Some patients prefer to remove the Golytely from the refrigerator a half-hour before they are scheduled to start drinking it. If you have difficulty drinking large amounts, ask if the Fleet Phuspho-soda prep or may be appropriate for you. If you are experiencing other problems, please call the office.